Remote Metering Software

TrolLink can connect to flow computers using local serial ports, modems and the Internet. 
TROLlink collects data from 1 to 299 units, TROLlink Jr. collects data from 1, 1 to 5 or 1 to 15 units.
KEP Flow Computers Supported:

  Supertrol 2 – Flow Computer
  Supertrol 1 – Flow Totalizer, Ratemeter & Batch Controller 
  ES 747 – Flow Computer for Liquid and Gas Applications
  Leveltrol 2 – Level Indicator


  • Import Meter Reading, Interval Data, and
    transactions to Excel!

    • View data on screen, write to text files and spread sheets!
    • Collect data from the following Kessler-Ellis Products flow computers: SUPERtrol I, SUPERtrol ILE, ST1-NET-FC, SUPERtrol
    • II, ES-747, LEVELtrol II, MASStrol, DPFC and dataloggers.

    • Handles a mix of instruments, they don’t have to be the same type. Select data items to acquire by simple check boxes for each
    • instrument. Manual and automatic data collection modes using Time, Date and Interval.

    • Each instrument can have data directed to separate or common named files. Collected data may be written to backup locations
    • located on same local network.

    • Automatic Total and Peak Demand reset capability possible when using routes.
    • Each instrument can be assigned a meter route number to write special messages during data collection to data file.

    • Supervisor password to lock setup.
    • Windows 7/8 Compatible.

    Select from a variety of Communication Channels!

    • Retrieve data from KEP flow computers (RS-232 serial port) using direct wire, internet, Ethernet LAN, wireless or telephone modem
    • connection. Works with most Hayes compatible modems for remote data collection. Automatic Telephone busy retries.

    • Support for MPP2400N Modem & MPP56KN Secure Modem
    • Enhanced Data Collection retry for noisy environments

    Diagnostic aid for Communication channel View and Writes to files

    1. Communication trace window may be enabled to capture data exchanges between 6C and instrument.
    2. Count of communication events such as “bad reads”, “bad characters” and more!
    3. Write log files showing data collection session details and connection failures due to busy or no answers.


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