MASSbatch (MB8)

Temperature / Density Compensated Batch Controller

Featuring 8 digits of bright, .55″, alpha-numeric display, the MASSbatch (MB8) can accept up to 10,000 pulses per second and a direct 100W platinum RTD or analog input. The MASSbatch batch controller has two separate, 8 digit, floating decimal, “K” factors to convert the inputs to meaningful total and rate data. The user, with the push of a button, can toggle back and forth to view the total of the batch, the rate of flow, temperature or density and the grand total. Two control outputs are provided for two-stage valve control.


  • Accepts 4-30V Inputs or Pulses Directly From Magnetic Pickup Meters (no pre-amp required)
  • Takes a Direct 100W Platinum RTD or Analog Signal For Compensation Input
  • Display Mass or Corrected Volume, Rate, Grand Total, Temperature or Density
  • Two Way RS232/422 Communications
  • Scalable 4-20mA Output of Rate/Total


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