FLOWtrol (FLO8)

Batch Controller with 2 DPDT Relays

The FLOWtrol (FLO8) is a batch controller intended for use with pulse producing flowmeters. The FLOWtrol batcher offers control outputs consisting of DPDT Relays rather than SPDT Relays. The FLO8 may be applied in existing applications seeking to expand their batching operations with compatible units. The FLO8 was the fore runner to the BATCHtrol II. However, it lacks the rate display, analog input and Easy Preset capabilities now available in the BATCHtrol II. The BATCHtrol II is recommended for all new applications.


  • Start/Stop Buttons and Remote Inputs
  • Programmable K-Factor
  • Batch Total and Grand Total
  • Two DPDT Relay Outputs for Two Stage Shut Off
  • Pulse Input to 20 kHz Count Frequency


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