BATCHtrol II (BT2)

Batch Controller with Telephone Type Keypad

The BATCHtrol II Batch Controller features 8 digits of bright, 0.55 inch, LED display and can accept up to 20 kHz flow input from pulse producing flowmeters. The analog input versions accept inputs, such as 4 to 20 mA or 1 to 5V. The standard unit has two separate, 8 digit, floating decimal, “K” factors to convert the inputs to meaningful total and rate data. An optional 16 point K-factor can linearize flow from nonlinear meter outputs.


  • Easy To Use Batch Controller
  • Start/Stop Buttons & Remote Inputs
  • Separate 8 Digit K-Factors For Rate & Total
  • Accepts Pulse or Analog Inputs
  • Displays Rate, Total and Grand Total
  • Security Lockout with Missing Pulse Detection
  • Scaled Pulse Output
  • Two Way RS232/422 Communications Option


Training Aids

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Service Notes