Dual Ratemeter-Totalizer with Two Line Display

The RTP is a presettable Ratemeter and Totalizer from two pulse inputs. It can show rate and total at the same time on the 2 X 16 backlit LCD display. Both inputs can have up to 16 point linearizing k factors. The unit can be connected in a network for Data Acquisition.


  • Two pulse and three control inputs
  • Displays: A Rate, A Total, B Rate, B Total, A+B, Rate, A+B Total, A-B Rate, A-B Total, Grand Total
  • Separate Scaling Factors For A & B Inputs
  • Two relay outputs with LED Indication
  • RS232/ RS485 port for serial communication and printing
  • Security lockout
  • 4-20 mA output (optional)


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