Thermal Receipt Printer

KEP’s cost effective, energy-efficient P21 thermal printer is ideal for use with KEP products that support RS-232. It combines basic printing functionality with high reliability and ease-of-use features. The P21 supports printing of both text and graphics on receipts at speeds up to 250mm second. It also features crisp, clear printing of logos and barcodes. In addition, the P21 offers paper saving options that can reduce paper usage by up to 30 percent. The P21 comes with everything you need in one box for quick setup and installation. The box includes manuals, drivers, utilities, cables, external power supply and easy to use software tools to speed set-up and installation. RS-232 cables are purchased separately for connecting to KEP instruments.


  • Cost-effective, Energy-efficient Thermal Printer
  • Multiple Easy To Use Features
  • Prints Crisp Clear Characters Logos and Barcodes
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Paper Savings Option
  • Compatible with KEP instruments with RS-232


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