8000 Counter

8000 Series
Electronic Counter with High Speed Input and LED Display

The 8000 Series is a rugged, handsome, 8 digit electronic totalizing counter for sophisticated applications where high count speeds are required. It features a built-in 110/220 VAC – 50 to 400 Hz power supply which both powers the counter and provides 80 milliamps-of 12 VDC or regulated 5 VDC to power photoelectric and proximity sensors. In addition, the 8000 Series accepts a wide variety of AC/ DC and switch closure inputs at high speeds (up to 100 kHz) while operating accurately in noisy industrial environments. The 8000 series has a built-in, self- charging, nicad battery which protects the count for 1 week during power failures. Its .375″, .430″ and .6″ high LED displays are brightly projected through a glare reducing lens while its optional BCD output is ideal for interfacing with printers, recorders and other data processing equipment. The 8000 Series has no moving parts and, of course, carries a 2 year warranty.


  • Accepts AC or DC pulses & Switch Closure Inputs
  • Big & Bright LED Display
  • Built-In Battery Backup
  • 110/220 VAC or DC Operating Voltage
  • Up to 100 kHz Count Speeds
  • Memory – Freezes Display & Outputs While Accumulating Counts
  • Optional BCD Parallel Output
  • Add & Subtract Capabilities


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