SUPERtrol-2 Flow Computers

Measuring Hot Water, Cold Water, Steam and More

Same Classic Looks With Dozens of NEW Features Built-In

NEW Advanced Features For SUPERTROL-2

15-minute Peak Demand

15-minute peak demand for utility metering – steam and heated/chilled water metering.

Condensate Metering

Low-frequency pulse input/max window feature for condensate metering.

Radio Transmitter for IoT Metering

Ayyeka Wavelet radio transmitter for IoT metering at remote locations reads KEP protocol, ideal for condensate metering via the standard RS232 serial communications port of the SUPERtrol.

Glycol Fluid

Glycol is now available as a fluid selection in the SUPERtrol-2 for heating and cooling applications.

Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C & D Explosion Proof

The XHVD explosion-proof enclosure for the SUPERtrol-2, which has always been class 1, division 1, groups C & D explosion proof, is now also class 1, division 1, group B explosion proof. This is crucially important because group B includes hydrogen, making the SUPERtrol-2 suitable for hydrogen-burning energy infrastructure.

Condensate Conductivity and Outdoor Relative Humidity Input/Output

The new, upgraded version of the ES762 flow computer can now accept the following values via the auxiliary analog input: conductivity of the condensate, and outdoor relative humidity. The ES762 can now relay these values to the customer’s control system.

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