Loop Powered Ratemeter / Process Monitor

Featuring up to 4.5 digits of LCD display, the Squirt-R is a loop powered indicator capable of accepting either linear or square root 4-20 mA inputs. Numeric password protection prevents unauthorized access to the menu. The easy to- read menu prompts make the Squirt-R so easy to program that you will feel comfortable programming it without the use of a manual.


  • Linear or Square Root Extraction of Input
  • 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 Digit Display (Selectable)
  • Calibration, High and Low Values Fully Programmable Through Keypad
  • NEMA 4X / IP65 Front• No Dip switches or Pots to Adjust
  • 16 Bit A/D Resolution
  • Password Protection of Menu



The 4-20mA current span is the span you expect the SQUIRT to interpolate between. The Squirt is scaled by assigning a “Low Range” and a “High Range” to the Analog Low and High inputs. Let’s say that the sensor gives off an output of 4mA (milliamps) when it measures “0” gallons and 20mA when it measures “10” gallons. Through the keyboard you dial in “0” for 4mA (Rate Low), and “10.00” for 20mA (Rate High) and you have completed scaling the unit. Typically the customer will tell you the range they would like to use for their application.

The battery standby life expectancy on the SQUIRT is 2 years. The battery type is: 3V 250mA-H Lithium (2yr. Standby life).

The Factory back door code for the BATRT can be obtained by calling the factory or send an email.

The Operating Temperature of the SQUIRT is listed below:

-4°F (-20°C) to + 158°F (70°C)
Extended Temp: -22°F (-30°C) to + 158°F (70°C)


ACCURACY: (Rate @ 20°C)
0.1% Full Scale Resolution, ±1 count
Temperature Drift: 50 ppm/°C Typical 200 ppm/°C Worst Case

Yes, the SQUIRT front panel is NEMA 4X rated. This rating is also comparable to the European standard IP65.

The Display flashes when the Pulse output is exceeded. When the output is exceeded the data from the pulse output is then unreliable. If the customer is not using this feature it can be turned off. If the customer needs the output he/she will have to set the pulse output divider to a higher value.

The SQUIRT has a battery backed memory and is capable of storing program and count data for the life of the battery. The unit also has a “BAT” warning that will activate on the display when the battery reaches the end of its useful life.

The flow total may be cleared by the front panel or by a contact closure on the remote reset terminals 3 and 4. To reset the unit from the front panel, the following sequence is required:

Below you will find typical wiring diagrams to help you wire a flowmeter to the SQUIRT

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