Smart Frequency to Current Loop Powered Flow Transmitter with Scaled Pulse Output

The SHPFI-M is a smart frequency to current converter and also a frequency to frequency pulse scaler. It is intended to be used with flow meters and similar devices who generate a pulse signal either from a magnetic pickup or a contact closure whose frequency is related to flow rate and where each pulse represents a quantity of flow. The SHPFI-M also contains a linearization function commonly required by flow meters to improve their accuracy. The flow rate and total are computed within the SHPFI-M and the 4-20mA analog output and the high level scaled pulse output are generated from these computed values. The SHPFI-M is programmed using a special setup program from a PC. A special programming cable called the BSAC1 is also required. These items are purchased separately. The computed Rate and Total may also be viewed on your PC using these special cables.


  • Accepts Inputs From: Magnetic Pickups, Contact   Closures, DC Pulses (Optically Isolated) from Pulse Producing Flowmeters
  • 4-20mA Analog Output Option (8 updates/sec)
  • 20 Point Linearization
  • Isolated Scaled Pulse Output of Total
  • Nonvolatile Flash Memory of Setup Data and   Calibration Information
  • Setup Software for Easy Programming and Monitoring Using a PC and Special Serial Cable (BSAC1)



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