Wall Mount, Port Powered, Secure Modem

The MS722MPP-56KN Modem is compact and easy to install. It needs no batteries or AC power because it’s designed to run on the DC power provided from the SUPERtrol interface to which it attaches.
The Secure Modem operates at speeds up to 56k bps. The MS722MPP-56KN also features automatic answer on Caller I.D. match, so it can operate unattended as a secure modem with user defi ned permitted phone numbers.
It will operate over rotary or pushbutton lines since it works in tone or pulse dialing modes. The Modem is very small and simple to install. It offers an RJ-45 connector for your RS-232 port connection and an RJ-11 jack for your telephone cabling. An extra RJ-11 jack is provided to permit the connection of a portable telephone.
The MS722MPP-56KN complies fully with the Hayes Standard AT Command Set and the ITU V.22 bis and V.22 standards, as well as Bell 103 and Bell 212A protocols.


  • Operates on All Telephone Lines
  • RS-232 Powered from KEP Instruments
  • 56,000 BPS Operation
  • Secure Modem with Caller I.D. and Password
  • 7 character alphanumeric password can be remotely configured
  • 15 User Configurable Caller I.D. Numbers
  • “Audit Trail” of Last 10 Numbers Using The Incorrect Password And The Number of Attempts Made by These Numbers
  • Automatic Answer on Caller I.D. Match
  • Compatible with All Communications Software Including: TROLlink Remote Metering Software
  • Compatible with SUPERtrol 1LE, 1 & 2, LEVELtrol II Families
  • Automatic Answer
  • Tone & Pulse Dialing
  • Compact Wall Mount Enclosure
  • FCC Approved


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