AMP1 & AMP1-10K

Preamp & Signal Conditioner for Magnetic Pickups

The KEP AMP 1 amplifies the low level signals from a magnetic pickup or flow transmitter by a factor of more than a hundred times to drive any ratemeter, counter or controller. The unit uses only 30 mA and operates from 11 to 26 VDC. It has a 2.7K pullup resistor attached to the open collector output and sinks a minimum of 100 mA to less than 1 V from a maximum of 26 VDC. It is mounted in a rugged 2″ x 3″ metal housing with screw terminals for easy installation. Operating temperature is 32 to 140° F (0 to 60° C).

A special version, the AMP1-10k, is available with 10 kΩ impedance for use with turbine and paddle wheel flowmeters.


  • Ultra Low Speed to 15 kHz Operation.
  • 20 mV to 50 V Sensitivity.
  • 100 mA Current Sinking Output.
  • 11 to 26 VDC Power Supply Range.
  • Easy Mount Metal Housing.
  • Screw Terminal Hookup.


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