525k, 529k, 530k

Rate & Total Indicators with Pulse or Analog Inputs

The 525K is a full fledge Ratemeter and Totalizer. It can indicate in rate/sec or minutes, and has a count frequency up to 10kHz. An overflow condition will be indicated by 1 Hz flashing of rate value and leading zeroes of totalizer. The 529K and 530K come available in four different resolutions, with a Display Range of -19999..0..99999 with leading zero blanking.


  • 6 Digit, LED Display with Very High Luminosity and 0.315″ (8mm) Digit height
  • DIN Housing, 1.88″x9.44″
  • Easy Programming with Only 2 (Two) Buttons
  • Connection with Screw Terminal
  • IP65 NEMA 4X (Front) DC Powered


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